What is it?

A mesmerizing fiber arts show presented by Wisconsin Handweavers, called Loominosity. This event will showcase the intricate beauty of handwoven art in Wisconsin. It will be a week of fiber arts fun, featuring daily free demonstrations and hands-on creative activities for all ages.

This year’s theme is Connections: Community, Family, History, and Craft. An ideal theme for a fiber arts event which mirrors the physical act of weaving itself and whereby many artists use their creativity to tell a story that connects them to their own community and to the lives and work of their fellow artists.


This show will run from Sunday, April 14-Saturday, April 20 during library hours. There is an opening reception at 5:30pm on April 14. There is also a fashion show on the Tuesday (April 16) evening at 6:30pm. A full, daily schedule of hours and activities is available here (link to schedule).


Cedarburg Library first floor, mainly in the Community Room.

How can I join in?

You can browse the show at any point during the week and there will be local artists on hand to show you the creative activities, teach you about their art and answer any questions. You do not need to sign up for any activities! And be sure to come along to our fashion show on the Tuesday evening for an entertaining display of fiber art fashion!

Who is this show for?

Everyone! Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or simply curious about these crafts, we welcome everyone to check out this show during Loominosity Week.

Why is Cedarburg showcasing fiber art and handwoven textiles?

With fiber arts having an intrinsic importance and history in our local area, Cedarburg is an ideal location for such a show. We have the Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts on our doorstep, a thriving Needle Arts Club, a growing Youth Fiber Arts group and many community artists that specialize – and ones that are beginning to dabble – in this area of art. There is a rich tapestry of handweaving expertise in this community and the local area is committed to preserving, developing and innovating these fiber art forms so that more people can experience the magic of fiber arts firsthand for many years to come!

Let’s weave unforgettable memories together at Loominosity – where creativity knows no bounds!