1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Unlock the magical world of reading and set your child on a path to success with our "1000 Books Before Kindergarten" literacy program at Cedarburg Public Library. This engaging and rewarding initiative is designed to foster a lifelong love of books and literacy in your child while preparing them for a successful start in school. 

Why "1000 Books Before Kindergarten"? 

Build a Strong Foundation: Early literacy skills are the cornerstone of your child's academic success. Reading together from birth enhances their language development, cognitive skills, and emotional bonding with you. 

Boost Confidence: As your child reads and explores a diverse range of books, their confidence and self-esteem will flourish. Each milestone reached is celebrated, reinforcing their love for learning. 

Preparation for School: Our program ensures your child enters kindergarten with a strong foundation in reading and language skills, giving them a head start in their educational journey. 

What to Expect: 

Reading Log: When you enroll in "1000 Books Before Kindergarten," you will receive a reading log to keep track of the books you read together. Reading can include books from the library, those you already own, or eBooks. Every book counts, and rereads are encouraged! 

Incentives and Rewards: As your child reaches milestones along the way, we offer fun incentives and prizes to keep them motivated and excited about reading. 

A sticker for every 100 books read 

A free board book at the 500-book milestone 

A book and Cedarburg Library book tote upon completion 

Family Engagement: This program is not just about the child; it is a bonding experience for the entire family. Share quality time, create cherished memories, and watch your child's imagination soar. 

Support and Resources: Our dedicated library staff is here to provide support, recommend age-appropriate books, and offer guidance on nurturing a love for reading at home. 

How to Get Started: 

Signing up for "1000 Books Before Kindergarten" is easy! Visit our children’s desk and register your child. You will receive a welcome kit with all the information you need to begin your reading journey. You can also sign up by clicking the Register button below.  Reading logs are available to print as needed.  When you complete your first 100 books, check in at the Children’s desk to receive your star for our “1000 Books Readers” board. The program is open to children from birth to five years old, and you can start at any time. 

Join us in this exciting adventure of exploring the literary world with your child and giving them the gift of literacy that will last a lifetime. Together, we will celebrate 1000 books before kindergarten and ensure your child is prepared for a bright future! 

Enroll today and watch your child's love for reading and learning flourish! 

Contact Youth Services at 262-375-7640, ext. 110 with questions or comments.


Printable Reading Logs