Media and Study Room Policy


Cedarburg Public Library provides four Study Rooms and one Media Room for public use with no fee. Reservations are required and may be made from our library homepage at or by calling the Adult Services Information Desk at 262-375-7640, ext. 200.

Ten reservations are allowed each month for a single user. Each reservation may be up to four hours. Back to back reservations are allowed, providing up to four hours of room usage in one day. All ages are welcome. Children 10 years old and younger must be supervised by an adult.

Media Room

The Media Room contains media:scape equipment for collaborative projects. Users may connect up to four laptops or tablets via USB to the large monitor. The monitor will mimic the display of the device connected. Users must provide their own laptop or tablet with USB input, or loan a laptop from CPL for $1.  

Users should ask the Information Desk Librarian for set-up assistance.


Those wishing to cancel a reservation may do so through the confirmation email received after making the initial reservation request, or by calling the Adult Services Information Desk at 262-375-7640, ext. 200.

If a reserved room is not occupied within 30 minutes of the reservation, the room is forfeited. Staff may cancel the reservation and reschedule others.


Covered beverages and contained snacks are allowed in all rooms.

Noise from the rooms must not be disturbing to other library patrons; this includes cell phone use and videoconferencing.

Failure to comply with this policy or with library staff directions will result in restriction or termination of the user’s privileges for room use and/or other library privileges.

Approved by Cedarburg Library Board of Trustees on May 14, 2014

Revised on July 12, 2016


Community Room Use Policy and Procedure


The Library’s Community Room is used primarily for library activities and functions. 

At non-conflicting times it may be reserved or rented by individuals or organizations, per the approval of the policy and procedure agreement requirements.  The Library abides by the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights which states: “Libraries which make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make the facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use”.  The Library is in no way affiliated with the events scheduled or agencies using the Community Room that are not sponsored by the Library.


The Community room is available only during regular public service hours and must be vacated 15 minutes prior to closing time.

When the room is not being used for an event it will remain open to the public for quiet use purpose only.  Groups will not be allowed to use the room without following the Use Policy and Procedure.

Usage Groups and Fees:

Class A – Library

  • Library Staff and Library Board
  • Friends of the Cedarburg Public Library
  • City Government

Class B – City of Cedarburg Residents and organizations – not for profit activities

  • Nonprofit groups
  • Charitable organizations
  • Educational institutions

Class C – City of Cedarburg residents or organizations – for profit activities or social events

  • Parties
  • Business meetings

Class D – Non-City of Cedarburg organizations

Usage Fees

  • Class A – No Fee
  • Class B – No Fee
  • Class C - $30 per hour – include your set up and take down time
  • Class D - $35 per hour – include your set up and take down time

All users must submit fee upon application.  Reservations will not be confirmed until receipt of payment.  All funds shall be paid to the Cedarburg Public Library.

Application Process

Users are responsible for reading and understanding the Community Room Policy and Procedures issues with the application.

Dates and times of use are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Fees will be refunded only if cancellation is at least 2 weeks before the scheduled event.

Phone reservations are not considered confirmed until an application has been approved.

Application may be made up to 3 months ahead of date needed.

Series of up to 6 meetings per year are allowable.  Requests for series requiring seven or more dates are allowable subject to the approval of the Library Director.

An officer or representative of the scheduling organization must be at least 18 years of age and must sign the application.

Notices, flyers, press releases, may in no way state that the Library is a sponsor or endorser of the event.  Notices may only state the Library’s Community Room as the location for scheduled events.

Room Use

The capacity of the Community Room is 100 people and cannot be exceeded.

No advance deliveries can be accepted for meetings. Materials cannot be stored at the Library before or after a meeting.

When special arrangements are needed during a meeting, or an emergency arises, the person responsible for the meeting should contact the Reference Librarian on the 2nd floor.

Light refreshments may be served.  Members of the group are responsible for bringing all serving equipment, supplies, etc. and for food setup and cleaning.  Catered meals are not allowed.

No prior set up of chairs or tables will be accepted.

Alcoholic beverages and smoking are prohibited.

The Library Code of Conduct must be observed at all times.

Use of the room cannot be disruptive of the programs and activities of the Library

No unlawful activity is permitted on Library premises.

Clean up and returning the room to its original set up is expected.

Cancellations/ No-Shows

The Library must be notified as far in advance as possible of cancellations so as to inform the public of cancellation, and if applicable, the rescheduling of the meeting.

Usage fees will be refunded only if cancellation is at least 2 weeks before the scheduled event.

Repeated cancellations or failure to keep appointments for meetings will be cause for denial of future meeting room requests.

Non-compliance Policy

Non-compliance with meeting room policies and procedures/guidelines will result in loss of meeting room privileges.

If, following a meeting, additional custodial assistance is needed to clean the facility or if any part of the Community Room or its contents are damaged and require repair/replacement, groups will be billed. Future meeting room use may be denied at the discretion of the Library Director.

Approved by the Cedarburg Library Board on May 21, 2014

Revised and approved on February 28, 2019

Public Art Exhibits Policy


The Cedarburg Public Library provides a display case and exhibit space for public art exhibits consistent with the library’s mission, programs and services that contribute positively to the library’s environment.


1. An application form must first be filled out or another form of approval is needed and must be given to the Library Director or designee prior to set-up.

2. Exhibits may direct the public’s attention to materials and services available in the library or provide exposure to the work of artists and craft persons as well as items of historical and general interest.

3. Exhibits and displays may not involve the sale, advertisement, solicitation, or promotion of commercial products. This provision does not exclude sponsored exhibits, approved art exhibits, exhibits primarily informational in content, or exhibits containing advertising involving a variety of beneficiaries. No prices may be posted.

4. The library is not responsible for any items that are lost, damaged or stolen while on exhibit or display.

5. The presentation of any display or exhibit does not imply an endorsement of the content by the Cedarburg Public Library, its Trustees, or Staff. No admission charges, requests for donations or sale of artwork is permitted.

6. The Library Board reserves the right to reject any part of an exhibit or to change the manner of the display.

7. The permanent acquisition of any exhibit will be considered by the Library Director and the Trustees.

8. All permanent artworks will be identified with artist name, title of work, donor, or any other applicable information.

Adopted by the Joint Library Board September 29,1999.
Revised by the Cedarburg Public Library Board of Trustees March 22, 2022.

Cedarburg Public Library Emergency Closing Policy

The Library is a public service institution, and every effort is made to maintain regular hours for the public. As a general practice, the Library will only close when weather conditions deteriorate to the point where emergency situations prevail, when vital equipment in the building fails (e.g., furnace malfunction, no water in the building, no electricity, etc.) or when there is a general emergency within the Cedarburg area.

Decision Making

The decision to close will be made by the Library Director, after consultation with the President or a member of the Library Board and/or City Administrator if available. If the Library Director is unavailable, the Assistant Director or a Librarian-In-Charge will make the decision, in which case they must confer with the Library Board President or a Library Board member or City Administrator. The Library will not automatically close or delay opening, based on any other institution's closure, such as the school district.

Official Announcements

As soon as possible after a decision to close, the Library Director (or designee) will inform:

  1. City Hall
  2. Police Department – non-emergency line
  3. the public via: door signage, website, social media, and voicemail (if possible with remote access)
  4. local television station(s)
  5. any special guests or sponsors of scheduled programs to alert them of the decision to close, and registered participants, this will be done by the staff member in charge of the event.

Library staff will assist children in contacting their parents by phone, if parents cannot be reached, library staff will contact the police department for instruction.

The Library Director (or designee) will inform all staff of closure via email, full-time staff will in turn inform their department’s part-time staff as well for the sake of clarity.

The decision to close the Library will be based upon:

Adverse Weather / Equipment Failure

  • general conditions of roads in Cedarburg.
  • condition of the Library's parking lot and walkways.
    • availability of staff to open and operate the Library.
      o minimal staffing levels are defined as at least one circulation staff member and one full-time staff member. The Library can operate with a reduced staff when the number of patrons is expected to be abnormally low.
  • condition of the building's equipment. (e.g., furnace malfunction, no water in the building, no electricity, etc.)
  • requests for closure by local, county or state law enforcement agencies.


Notice of tornado watches or warnings are received via emergency notification radio/scanner. In the case of tornado watches, library business will proceed as usual. If a tornado warning is issued, the Library will be closed for normal business until an all clear is received from the local authorities. The front door will remain unlocked to allow citizens to seek shelter in the building. Places of shelter in the library are indicated on the floor plan maps displayed in the building. All staff are expected to familiarize themselves with the map.

Library patrons in the building will be allowed to remain until an all clear is sounded. Adult patrons may leave at their own risk.

Unattended minors must stay in the building until a guardian picks them up or until the all clear is sounded.

Compensation Per the City of Cedarburg Employee Handbook:

When operations are officially closed due to emergency conditions, the time off from scheduled work will not be paid, except that employees are allowed to substitute paid time for time off due to emergency closings, or work with their supervisor to make up the time during the pay period.

Approved by the Cedarburg Library Board of Trustees August 24, 2022