The Leap Year Challenge: Reframing February with Catherine Thomas

Saturday, February 24, 2024 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Join us at the library for a poetry reading and live podcast with local author Catherine Thomas who is the author of Awakening the Vulnerable Heart. Immerse yourself in her poetic world by tuning into The Catherine Thomas Podcast on CPL Radio.

In her debut book, Awakening the Vulnerable Heart, Catherine Thomas posed the following question: “If asked to attest that you are living a genuine life, COULD you?” The regenerative journey from simply existing to living authentically is illustrated through prose and photography.

In the spirit of Awakening the Vulnerable Heart, The Catherine Thomas Podcast utilizes a threefold approach, reframing/recharging/reentering, creating a serene and contemplative space for listeners.

On February 24th, Catherine will hold a live podcast event entitled The Leap Year Challenge: Reframing February.

We are currently experiencing a pervasive epidemic without a vaccine: loneliness. While February traditionally focuses on romantic love, alternate ways to achieve meaningful connection will be explored, allowing EVERYONE to benefit.

Talk Highlights:

· Highlights from past podcasts will demonstrate how connection can be experienced by everyone through nature/impromptu encounters with others/awareness of self.

· Original poetry will be included.

· Participants will be empowered to leave the talk with tools to increase their feeling of belonging in the world.

Click Here to Listen to The Catherine Thomas Podcast Now


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